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Structures For Air Handling Units

The air handling unit AHU are composite machines made of several and interchangeable components. Their scope is to clean, warm, cool and condition air. APS Arosio produces the frame by considering the most different technical solutions, covering an extremely wide range of needs raised by Customers.

Complemented by a wide range of accessories, the Arosio System is based on the three-way corner conception to connect the profiles composing the frame perimeter.

Modules are tridimensional and can be made of aluminium, nylon or be the result of a thermal cut, they can be made on measure and meet different needs, so they are: air-tight, heatproof and pressure resistant.

The best-ever machine-makers use the Arosio System all over the world: the high level of applied technology, the best quality of the materials, the wide range of accessories and the quick response to Clients' needs and requests make APS Arosio a leader in the AHU market.

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